Introducing Target Rush
Rapid-Fire GT Arcade Action Comes to GT PGA TOUR's Next Update
Posted on April 20, 2023 at 09:45 PM

Tick, tock.

The pressure mounts instantaneously. No easing into the round. No methodical, pre-shot routines. No putting whatsoever.

In Target Rush, Golden Tee’s newest game mode that will exclusively debut on the latest Golden Tee PGA TOUR software update, every second counts.

Looking out from the tee box, one of Golden Tee’s pristine greens is painted with brightly colored concentric circles that combine to make an unmistakable target—a sight never seen before. The clock, placed conveniently in the top center of the screen, reads 60 seconds.  

The goal is simple: hit this target as many times possible before the clock reads zero. Each time you do, you will earn points. And each time you hit the green, you will increase the multiplier for the next shot by one.

It all begins with a countdown. Then, the games begin.

Three… Two… One…

Welcome to Target Rush.

While Golden Tee has long been celebrated for being a game that is played at a player’s pace, this exciting new addition has flipped the script.

“Our attention spans have changed,” said Adam Kramer, President of the Amusement Division at Incredible Technologies. “While Golden Tee’s core mode will always be 18-hole games, we see a tremendous opportunity to try something different. We’ve built a game mode that taps into the most exciting aspect of every round.”

The addition of this frenetic, rapid-fire mode to Golden Tee’s true touch execution formula is a match made in heaven. It’s also an entirely new way to approach the classic game.

“We’ve looked at years of data, and we see that our players have an appetite for quicker, more approachable game modes,” Kramer added. “We believe that Target Rush will attract more players, generate more gameplay and appeal to a wide assortment of players both new and old.”

From start to finish, a four-player game will take less than five minutes to play. Target Rush will also be offered in a single game or “six-pack” options, meaning users can purchase six games at once. This will eliminate the need to sign in upon completion, creating an even more rapid user experience.

The mode will be available in Prize Play and non-Prize Play modes. The cost of the game will be $1. In Prize Play, players will contribute an additional $1 that will fund the Prize Pool.

“A player can play more than a dozen rounds of Target Rush in the same amount of time it takes to play a single 18-hole game,” Kramer said. “Not only will this generate constant excitement for the end user, but we also can’t wait to see what it does for the cash box.”

The clock is ticking. Target Rush launches with Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023/2024 software update on July 31st. Stay tuned to for more information.